7 Gamification apps for every situation

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ARTICLE – Gamification apps allow you to combine routine life situations with role-playing games (RPGs) that will keep you engaged while you work to accomplish your goals. If you struggle with self-discipline and motivation, then gamification apps are for you.

These apps give you the opportunity to earn points, badges and other incentives by challenging yourself and being able to compete with others.

Gamifying your life can be done both at work and at home. By using gamification for everyday to-dos, you can transform the way you get stuff done. Gamification can also be an effective tool for at work to impact employee productivity and increase workplace engagement.

These seven apps can help you turn routine life events into the fun situations you wish they were.

1. Habitca

Habitca provides you with a simple and fun experience, while you strive to accomplish your goals. With Habitca, you can input your to-do and task lists into the app to keep track of everything you want to complete. From there, you will create a custom avatar and earn points to upgrade your character as you finish items from your lists.

This app is great for motivating yourself to get tasks done as you go about your day. Habitca will allow you to stay on track as you seek to develop new habits.

2. Do It Now

Struggling to motivate yourself to get those boring to-dos on your list completed? With the Do It Now gamification app, you can track your own personal growth as you develop a routine for those less exciting tasks. This app gives you the mental boost you need to get things done.

Do It Now allows you to create a virtual character and develop your online self as you complete items on your list. It’s a classic RPG that motivates you to move forward with your personal tasks as you look to level up your online character.

3. MeetingPlay

The MeetingPlay app allows you to transform the way you run events and engage your audience. Gamifying your events can be done at work and other social situations when you need to get people involved and engaged.

With this custom event app, you can use gamification to your benefit when you host your next event. Using gamification at work can go a long way in boosting the motivation and productivity of employees.

4. Thirty – Get Inspired

Building habits and breaking habits can both be difficult if you try doing it on your own. The Thirty app allows you to try new things so that you can develop healthy habits in your every-day life. Create challenges within the app and track your success as you keep up your habit day by day.

Another great feature of the Thirty app is that you can easily share your success with your friends to let them know how you are doing. Complete daily, weekly and monthly challenges to ultimately better yourself and improve your lifestyle!

5. SuperBetter

SuperBetter offers a gamified way to help you conquer your to-do list or break from habits that are unhealthy to your well-being. This app can help you become the person you want to with an RPG theme designed to help you overcome setbacks and take on new experiences.

Gamification is used in this app by taking the goals and tasks you input and developing quests and challenges for you to overcome as you track your personal progression. This app checks all the boxes in a gamification app that is built to help you become the best version of yourself.

6. Forest

Do you tend to feel less productive every time you pick up your phone? It is common to lose focus and concentration when you are on your phone scrolling through apps. The Forest app is designed to help you concentrate when your mind is bouncing all over the place.

This app allows you to plant and build your own virtual forest. To keep you around, the app is designed to “kill” off your plants when you leave the app and lose focus. Forest allows for you to reach the sense of achievement and responsibility as you plant and grow your own online forest.

7. Zombies, Run!

Gamification apps have even been developed to help you achieve your fitness goals. With the Zombies, Run! running game, enter into a zombie-filled world that forces you to keep running as you develop your virtual “safe space.”

This gamification app is perfect for you if you want to try a new way to motivate yourself to get outside and exercise. Enjoy a fun and thrilling experience the next time you go for a run.

Who says playing isn’t productive? With these apps, adding a little fun into your day can give you the boost and focus you need to get your to-do list done.

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