Carbon fiber makes everything cool, including musical instruments

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outdoor banjolele 2

NEWS – If you’ve ever wanted to learn to play a stringed instrument but were intimidated by the number of strings and frets on a guitar, then you should really consider a ukulele or in this case, a banjolele. This particular instrument is the Outdoor Ukulele Banjolele and what makes it special is that it’s made of carbon fiber with eye-catching radial bracing.

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Outdoor Ukulele banjoleles are available in four versions. You can choose between a coated or clear banjo head and nickel or gold plated tuners. What’s great about these instruments from Outdoor Ukulele is that they aren’t made of wood so you don’t have to ever worry about them cracking due to lack of humidity. On the flip side, the tone of a non-wood ukulele might not be as warm as a traditional wooden uke. But that shouldn’t be a big issue with a banjolele because bright twang is a good thing.

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Ukes are really fun and easy to learn. I used to play guitar and switched over to ukuleles because I liked the smaller size overall size of the instrument and the narrow fretboard which makes it easier to make chords. If you’re interested in one of these unique musical instruments from Outdoor Ukulele, one of their banjoleles will set you back $245 – $255 depending on the model. Visit for more info.

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