KLIP: Titanium Pocket Knife + EDC Suspension Hook – Notable crowdfunding campaign

CROWDFUNDED – Are you one of those folks who like to hook their keys to their pocket or belt?  Ever find yourself wishing you had a knife during the day, but don’t have one handy?  Do you appreciate clever, aesthetic design?  KLIP checks all of those boxes.  Let’s have a look!

What is it?

Made from Titanium, KLIP is a Knife + pocket clip that is designed to suspend your keys or other items from your pocket while also giving you quick access to a small knife.

Why do I like it?

I love combo items—items that can serve multiple functions.  The KLIP can be your key holder and you can hang them down into your pocket, or from your belt, or even from backpack webbing.  Plus, there’s a little knife hidden in there, in case you need to open a box, etc.  The KLIP is machined from durable, lightweight, stonewashed Grade 5 Titanium and it sports a super-sharp 440C steel blade which locks into position with a “click.”  Its deployment mechanism also features a ball detent and adjustable pivot screw.  KLIP has a lot packed into a small, functional package.

Where can I find more info?

The KLIP: Titanium Pocket Knife + EDC Suspension Hook campaign ends on March 6, 2019. To date, over 670 backers have already pledged over $37,000 toward the $5,000 funding goal. Pledge packages start at $39 for a single KLIP  and increase from there.  After the end of the campaign period, rewards are expected to start shipping in April 2019. Visit the KLIP: Titanium Pocket Knife + EDC Suspension Hook campaign site for more information or to become a backer.

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