Happy Birthday Steve Jobs!

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ARTICLE – Steve Jobs was born on February 24th, in 1955. He would have been 64 years old today. We’ve all heard and read the stories about Steve that describe him as complicated, gifted, cruel, creative, intense, and dozens of other adjectives both good and bad.

I remember being really sad when he died of pancreatic cancer in 2011. I think it hit me especially hard because I was going through my own adventure with cancer at that same time. I was also bummed because I worried about what it meant for Apple’s future.

Say what you will about Steve Jobs, but he and the designers at Apple changed the world with so many products. From the Apple II, the Mac, Newton, MacBooks, to the iPod, iPhone, and iPad, Apple’s products are iconic. Steve and company gave me several great gadget memories like the first time I ever stood in line to buy a smartphone with the very first iPhone back in 2007.

I’ve bought more than my share of Apple products over the years as can be seen in the image above which doesn’t include the 12-inch MacBook that I’m using to type this article. It also doesn’t include the 13-inch MacBook Pro that Jeanne is using to surf the web next to me right now, or the old iPad that she still uses as an eBook reader. I almost forgot, she still uses an iPod too!

Apple products have been a part of my life every day for many years and I’m sure they will continue to help me create content and enjoy content. Thanks Steve and Happy Birthday.

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    1. Another sign of the endurance of some of Jobs creations is the availability of kits to convert some older iPods to solid state drives.

  2. And today an eulogy to Steve Jobs, the Killer of the Newton.

    You persevere, Julie… 😀

    PS: If you need a nice (and TOTALLY OBJECTIVE, ofc! 🙂 ) piece on what we lost with the premature demise of the Newt (and you promise an editing help: I’m Italian and not a native English speaker/writer) here I’m… 😉

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