Just like milk, the Pado PureWave Handheld Cordless Massager does a body good!!

NEWS – Whenever I get home after a hard day at work, a massage is always a part of my thoughts and wishes as I go through my unwinding process. For many years, I have been thinking about one of those beautiful soft leather massage chairs that can give me a whole body massage. However, when I think about it from a practical and logistical perspective, the really nice chairs can cost thousands of dollars, and unless I can find one that would fit perfectly into the décor at home, my wife would not be a willing party to my dream. In addition, while I have sat in this type of massage chair on many occasions, I realized that many times I need a massage at specific parts of my shoulder, back or neck, and quite frankly, the massage chair that cost thousands of dollars cannot always deliver a pinpoint massage, or a massage focused on a specific area of your body that does not I interact with the chair when you are seated.

Pado is a company that makes a cordless handheld massager called the PureWave. It is available in 3 models, and the most capable model is the PureWave CM7 that provides for a muscle, joint and facial massage utilizing dual motors and adjustable intensity. This capability promises to provide the versatility to achieve a more focused massage. You can read more about the PureWave Massager on the Pado website, and you can purchase one for $34.95 to $124.95 depending on the model that you choose.

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