Squeeze in a workout in just about any space with the Treadly ultra-thin treadmill

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NEWS – If you live in a small home or apartment and thought it was impossible to own a treadmill, think again. Treadly is an ultra-thin compact treadmill that allows you to walk or jog in just about any space. It’s easy to pull out when you want to workout then slides away under a bed or couch when you’re done.

Treadly only weighs 64 pounds and measures a petite 55-inches long and 25-inches wide. More incredibly it’s almost impossibly thin (3.8-inches).

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As you might imagine its compact design does present a couple of drawbacks. It has a weight limit of 220 lbs and can only be used on hard surfaces, no rugs or carpets.

Unlike traditional treadmills Treadly doesn’t use buttons, instead Infrared stepping technology tracks your foot position on the belt to start, stop, and adjust speed.

A foldable handrail provides safety and stability for faster paces. Treadly can reach a top speed of 5 mph when the handrail is in the up position and 3.8 mph when the handrail is down. So it’s perfect for light jogging or just getting your steps in.

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And Treadly’s compact motor is quiet at a nearly inaudible 6 decibels.

Treadly even makes it easy to keep track of your time, steps and distance with an easy to read touch-free LCD display.

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You can purchase Treadly for $999 in your choice of steel gray or rose pink from treadly.co.

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