Look brighter in your video chats or vlogs with Lume Cube AIR VC

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NEWS – Have you ever tried to video chat with someone, post live on Facebook or shoot a vlog, only to find that the video is muddy and dull because there simply wasn’t enough ambient light? Lume Cube, a provider of lightweight, portable lighting solutions has a solution with the Lume Cube AIR VC lighting kit for video conferencing.

The kit comes with a suction cup mount that allows you to attach the light to phones, laptops, desktop monitors, tablets – essentially anything with a smooth surface.  Beyond the suction cup mount, it can also be mounted to any standard tripod mount or attached to any magnetic surface.

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It comes with two different diffusers.  The first, a white diffuser, softens the harshness of the light and provides bright white light.  The second, a yellowish warming diffuser, provides more flattering light for faces. The light is daylight balanced at 5600K, provides a 60-degree beam angle and 400 lux brightness at 100% power. For reference, 300-500 lux is typical for assembly halls and retail space, so at 400 lux, this light will provide sufficient light for a well-lit video call.

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The difference between using ambient room light and adding supplemental lighting makes a dramatic difference in the quality of your video.  This is important for vloggers trying to build an audience, remote workers making a video call to the office and parents trying to provide a quality experience when the grandkids are FaceTiming with grandparents.

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At 1.6″ x 1.6″ x 1.1″ and two ounces, the light is small and easy to carry.  Its non-replaceable lith-ion polymer battery has a claimed runtime of 2.5 hours at 50% brightness and 30-45 minutes at full brightness.  Controls for power and the four lighting levels are handled via a single button or via Bluetooth through the Lume-X app. A micro USB cable is included, but you have to use your own charger or simply use your laptop or PC USB port to recharge the light.

Lume Cube AIR VC is available directly from Lume Cube or Apple for $79.95.

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