iRobot brings Roomba technology to your lawn

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NEWS – Who doesn’t love coming home to find nice lines in the carpet and the debris from last night’s reverie, or the pet’s ongoing hair exodus all tidied up? iRobot, probably the best-known name in home cleaning robotics, is bringing Roomba technology to your lawn.

The Terra robot mower promises to make lawn care work a thing of the past. Terra differentiates itself from competitors like Husqvarna’s Automower 315X in a few ways.  First, the Husqvarna, and others, requires you to bury perimeter wire around the boundary of your lawn to prevent the mower from going cross-country.  The Terra will use a new wireless communication system based on standalone beacons to define the cutting perimeter, eliminating the need to dig mini-trenches all around your yard.

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Second, it will use iRobot’s smart mapping technology to define the cutting area. Other mowers cut in essentially random directions, more or less continuously.  This is based on the theory that over time, the mower will cut the entire yard.  The Terra will mow the entire yard in one mow.  If it needs a recharge, smart mapping will allow it to go home to charge, and then just pick up where it left off, completing the job.  The Terra will mow in nice, straight lines, in a more efficient, and aesthetically pleasing pattern, making the OCD sufferers among us happy.

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If you have a Roomba, you already know how to use a Terra.  Both robots are controlled via iRobot’s HOME app.  You can change cutting height, and cutting start times right from the app.

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The Terra is ruggedized and weatherproof, which is a good thing, given that it will live outside all the time.

Terra will be available for sale in Germany later this year and enter a beta program in the United State later in 2019 or early 2020.  Pricing has not been announced.  For more information go to iRobot’s mower page.

2 thoughts on “iRobot brings Roomba technology to your lawn”

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    1. I wondered that as well, Andrew. Based on the press photo, the cut width looks to be in the 24″-30″ range. Theoretically, a single Terra could do the job, but they haven’t released battery life, so there’s no telling how many charge/mow cycles it would take.

      I have to admit, I do like the image of a partitioned lawn, with a bunch of these mowers, happily mowing their portion. Of course, they might get to talking, and then we’d have SkyNet, and we all know how that turns out…

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