Rock ‘N Bowl slows down your dogs eating and makes mealtime fun

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NEWS – If your dog has a tendency like mine does to inhale their food at feeding time, slowing them down can be a challenge. The Rock ’N Bowl Dog Feeder was designed to not only slow them down but to make mealtime a playful, engaging challenge.

Rock ’N Bowl is part food bowl, part puzzle. The top of the feeder has holes that allow some of the food to fall through into a compartment underneath. In order for your dog to get to the remaining food, they must nudge and rock the bowl to get it to fall out of the holes in the bottom. This not only helps slow and extend eating time but, it also helps to stimulate your pup’s mind.

It takes an everyday activity like food time and makes it more fun and challenging.

The bowl comes apart for easy cleaning and is even top rack dishwasher safe.

The Rock ’N Bowl Dog Feeder comes in two colors blue and orange. It sells for $19.95 and is available from The Grommet.

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