The GrabTab adds grip to your phone without adding bulk

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NEWS – The GrabTab from Speck works with any phone to improve your grip, but it doesn’t add bulk that makes it difficult to store your phone in a pocket or bag.  GrabTab is about the size of a credit card and, at 3mm, is about as thick as three credit cards.  It adheres to the back of the phone or phone case.  Because it’s so thin, GrabTab doesn’t interfere with wireless charging, unlike many other grip-assist accessories.

When you want to use it, the center strip slides up and locks into place to form a loop for your finger to slide through.

The loop can also be used as a stand for the phone.

GrabTab works with any phone.  It comes in a variety of colors or patterns.  The GrabTab is available for $9.95 at Speck.

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