Mujjo iPhone Xs Max leather cases review

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REVIEW – You just spent $1249 on an iPhone Xs Max and you want to protect your investment from everyday wear and tear without making it look like a plastic shrouded brick. When it comes to iPhone Xs Max cases, there are mediocre iPhone Xs Max cases and then there are Mujjo iPhone Xs Max cases.

What is it?

The Mujjo iPhone Xs Max Full Leather case and Full Leather Wallet cases are cases that have been designed exclusively for the iPhone Xs Max and are made of high quality materials.

Design and features

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The Mujjo Full Leather case is a molded form-fitting vegetable tanned smooth leather case that is available in green, tan, gray, and black and it provides protection to the back and sides of the iPhone Xs Max without adding bulk or a dose of ugly.

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The case is lined in a soft microfiber material that protects the back of the iPhone from scratches, fingerprints, and adds some thickness around the camera lens to protect it too.

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This case adds extra protection for the sides, back, and even the display with an extra 1mm tall bezel around the screen, all without adding a lot of additional bulk and weight.

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Instead of cutouts for the buttons on both sides of the phone, the buttons are molded into the case itself. The look is nice, but it does require a little extra effort to press each button.

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The top edge of the case is fully covered, but the bottom of the case has a large opening that leaves the speakers and lightning port uncovered.

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The Mujjo Full Leather case is comfortable in hand and offers almost everything you need in a high-end leather iPhone case… well almost everything.

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That’s where the Mujjo Full Leather Wallet case comes in. It’s the same case as the Full Leather case, except it’s a wallet too.

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Sewn into the back of the case is a credit card-sized slot that holds 1 or 2 standard sized plastic credit cards.

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The credit card holder does add some extra bulk, but it doesn’t interfere with charging the phone on a Qi wireless charger, even if you have a card in the slot.

What I like

  • Molded form-fitting design
  • Wallet case doesn’t interfere with wireless chargers
  • Easy to put on and remove

What needs to be improved

  • Buttons are harder to press than when the phone is not in a case

Final thoughts

When you’ve spent more than a grand on a smartphone, protecting that phone from scratches, scuffs, fingerprints, and smudges is most likely a priority. One way to do that is to buy a case for the phone, but plastic cases are boring and ugly, so consider a nice looking and affordable leather case from Mujjo.

Price: $43.42 – $53.08
Where to buy: Mujjo and Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Mujjo.

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