Gadgeteer Team EDC 2018 updates – Alex Birch

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ARTICLE – It’s always fun to see what is in someone’s pack. Here’s what I travel with on a daily basis.

What is that and where can I get one?

  1. MacBook Pro
    1. Lego baseplate
      • Allows me to get my lego fix daily as I use any of the items I’ve stuck on there
      • I’ve been running this system for probably 10 years and it’s started more conversations than anything else
      • Trimmed by hand and held on with Nitto double stick tape
      • All connected items have flat-top lego pieces stuck on the bottom with 3M VHB tape
    2. Seagate Backup Slim 2GB USB 3.0 drive with Cable Creation USB 3.0 to USB-C cable
      • 1GB partition for a full time-machine backup and the other for data storage and music library
      • Swapped out the one that came with the Seagate so it would work directly on MacBook if needed
    3. Satechi Aluminum TypeC Hub Adapter
      • 2 USB 3.o, 2 USB-C, micro and SD slots and HDMI
      • Ports also serve as cable/drive storage spots when not in actual use
    4. 32GB Leef USB drive with a zipper pull from Solo NY backpack
    5. Thinoptics Reading glasses
      • I’m getting old and now need reading glasses. This keeps them on me.
  2. Lamy Swift pen
    • Love the way this thing writes
  3. Fisher X-Mark Bullet Space Pen
    • Works when everything else won’t
  4. United Bees Meeting Notebook
    • Also usually have their Gantt and ToDo notebooks on me as well
    • Found these in a Singapore mall stationary store
  5. Crank Brothers Y16 Multi-tool
    • I ride a bicycle multiple times a week and this has the tools I need
  6. Yoobao battery pack with Anker Powerline II USB cable
    • Inexpensive and works, but no longer available with Lightning
    • Had to upgrade the cable
  7. Airpods with ACOUS ear gels and Elago Cable Button
    • I really like my Airpods, but they don’t fit my ears at all (not even close)
    • The ACOUS ear gels solved that problem completely
    • The cable button sticks to the Airpods case and gives the gels a home
  8. MacBook Power adapter and Power Trend Magnetic USB-C Charging Cable
    • I really missed Apple’s magnetic connector
  9. Stanley water bottle with requisite stickers
  10. iPad Pro 9.7″ in iVapo folio case with Apple Pencil
  11. Marmot PreCip Jacket
    • Lightweight rain/wind jacket.
    • San Francisco is notorious for sudden weather changes.

The Bag it all goes in

Mission Workshop R6 Field Pack

This is a great modular pack with interchangeable pouches and pockets. The Commuter is closest to what I’m running here. It’s crazy comfortable even when overloaded. The Arkiv hardware is metal which is awesome but compounds the empty weight when you keep adding pouches. @MissionWorkshop – Please make some glass-filled nylon hardware!

Other items that find themselves in/on the bag frequently…

Bern bike helmet, Various bike locks, Patagonia hooded puffy, Dainese moto gloves, Ten-One Mountie Plus, Assorted carabiners, A’s ballcap (Go A’s!)

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