Docfender fireproof bag protects your valuables

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NEWS – There are a lot of fireproof safes on the market, but they are usually big, heavy, and decidedly not going to fit in your luggage.  The Docfender bag will fit in your luggage, so you can easily take your valuable documents when you travel, or when you have to “bug out”, like so many people recently did in my state of North Carolina.  This fireproof and water-resistant bag has a silicone-coated fiberglass exterior and an aluminum foil interior, which not only protects from heat – up to 932°F – but also repels water.

To ensure that your valuables stay inside, the Docfender closes with both a metal zipper and a Velcro closure.  At 15″ x 11″ x 2.5″, the bag is big enough to hold most document types.  The bag can also hold other valuables, like jewelry, money, or even a gun.

You can learn more about the Docfender Fireproof Document bag at the Docfender website and purchase one of your own for $18.66 at Amazon.

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  2. Before I entrusted hard/impossible to replace documents to this, I’d research the competition. The Docfender is, undoubtedly, better than nothing but I can find no certifications by an independent testing group. The 932F is suspicious since Underwriters Labs (U.L.) 350 classification requires the inside stay below 350F while in a 1700F fire. I speak as one who did a lot of research before buying my fire resistant, waterproof chest (which would be a pain to evacuate with).

    It may be that there doesn’t exist a lightweight bag that has an independent certification and something is probably better than nothing. That said, if you are using this for flood evacuation, but your stuff in a Ziploc bag and then put it in the case. Water resistant means it’s not waterproof (think cell phones). Also keep in mind that the U.L. standard for data – CDs, DVDs, and flash drives is 125F so they’d be toast in a fire inside this bag (but you should have backups).

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