The DraftTable is big and sturdy enough for an iPad Pro 12.9

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NEWS – Many stands for iPads are designed for the smaller iPad.  They just aren’t big enough nor stable enough to support the biggest of the iPad Pros so that you can actually do some work.  The DraftTable from ElevationLab is designed for the iPad Pro 12.9.  It functions rather like an artist’s drafting table, and it was designed by digital artists for use by digital artists.   Whether you’re doing app development, photo editing, drawing, or just typing an email, you’ll love the DraftTable for using your iPad Pro.

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Strength and stability is built into the DraftTable, with its rigid, laser-cut steel table; fiber-reinforced polymer legs and hidden, spring-loaded hinges; soft, medical-grade silicone cover for the table; and high-friction skids to prevent sliding.

Adjusting the angle is as simple as folding down a leg.  The spring-loaded hinges keep the legs locked in place, although the tallest leg does have additional locks for extra stability.  Although it’s big enough for the biggest Pro, it works with all iPads, including the iPad mini.  You can even use it with Wacom tablets.

Use the DraftTable with just the iPad, or connect the iPad to a Mac, and the DraftTable transforms the iPad into a Wacom Cintiq-like drawing tablet for your computer when used with the Apple Pencil and the AstroPad app.  When you’ve finished work, the DraftTable folds up for storage in your desk or for traveling along with you in your gear bag.

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However you use it, the DraftTable kit ($69.95) comes with a wrist pad and a Pencil stand to make it comfortable to work for hours on the iPad.  If you don’t need the accessories, the DraftTable is $49.95 alone.  DraftTable is available at the ElevationLab website or at Amazon.

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