Grind your own coffee beans with the Handground manual grinder

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NEWS – Coffee snobs connoisseurs know you only use freshly ground beans to make coffee.  And everybody knows that the key to great coffee is a precisely even grind of the correct coarseness for your type of brewer.  There are a variety of grinders on the market you could choose from in your search for the perfect grinder.  Blade coffee grinders are inexpensive, but they hack the beans into uneven chunks, which won’t work well for a good brew.  Burr coffee grinders do a better job at grinding, but the best ones are usually expensive.  The folks at Handground worked with “thousands of coffee enthusiasts around the world” to design a grinder that produces a consistent grind with 15 coarseness settings at a very reasonable price.

handground grinder 2

Handground is a manual grinder, so you can use it at home or take it along on your travels.  Features include:

  • Locking top so bean particles don’t fly out while you grind
  • Side-mounted handle for better ergonomics
  • Wide base for more stability while grinding
  • 100g Capacity hopper able to contain enough coffee beans for 5 cups of joe
  • Coarseness adjustment ring to select a grind setting with one twist
  • 15 preset coarseness levels at 165 micron intervals fit for any method of brewing
  • 40mm conical burrs made from densely sintered Alumina ceramic which has high strength and hardness, temperature stability, and high wear resistance and corrosion resistance
  • Triple mounted stainless steel axle to eliminate burr wobble and produce a consistent grind
  • Glass catcher to prevent static and sticky grounds

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Each grinder comes with a magnet that shows the coarseness setting needed for various brewing styles.

Handground started out as a Kickstarter project that is now available for purchase.  It’s available in black for $69.00 or nickel for $89.00.  You may purchase the Handground grinder at either Amazon or the Handgrind website.

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  2. The blade grinders aren’t bad because they cut the beans unevenly but because the high RPM heats up the grounds and causes flavor to be lost. The biggest problem I’ve had with the less expensive burr grinders (I just couldn’t bring myself to spend $100+ for a good one) is that their finest settings is still too coarse.

    I’ve been using a manual grinder by Harold, a Japanese company. It’s only about $30 and does a great job. Changing coarseness is more hassle than with Handgrounds – but I never changed after getting the setting just right for me.

    1. I love my Hario grinder! I cracked the bottom holding jar but lo’ and behold a normal size ball jar fits perfectly. modestly priced and extremely consistent.

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