The Dozzi is an adjustable white noise machine with a twist – Literally

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NEWS – If you have trouble sleeping (like many of us do) sometimes a little noise can be soothing. The Dozzi adjustable white noise machine might just be the answer.

Unlike a lot of other sound machines that use recorded sound Dozzi actually has a built-in fan that creates soothing white noise. The fan has three-speed settings which control the volume. With a twist of Dozzi’s cover, you can open or close airflow vents that help to amplify or soften the air-flow sound.

Dozzi is great for day sleepers who must sleep through intrusive daytime sounds. It even works to mask snoring so you or your partner can sleep better.

Sound isn’t the only thing that the Dozzi can do. It also has a built-in sleep timer that can be set to 60 or 120 minutes.

There’s also a nightlight that has four different modes, off, bright white, soft white, and looping multi-color.

A convenient USB charging port allows you to charge your smart devices while you snooze.

The machine is lightweight and portable making it the perfect travel companion. Allowing for you to get a good night’s sleep just about anywhere.

The Dozzi adjustable white noise machine comes with a 5V 2A power adapter and is available for $49.99 on Amazon.

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