CAMADE keeps your gaming mouse on a leash and that’s a good thing

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NEWS – While a lot of us have moved away from using wired mice, gamers still prefer them for the speed advantages over their wireless counterparts. But one disadvantage to using a wired mouse is that pesky tail otherwise known as the cable. When you’re gaming, you don’t want to snag the cable on something on your desk and lose your momentum during an epic quest. One way to prevent this problem is a product like the ZOWIE CAMADE. The CAMADE is non-slip holder that sits on your desk and holds the mouse cable up and out of the way so that it does not tangle on other items while you’re slaying baddies. You can read more about the CAMADE on ZOWIE’s website and you can buy one for $24.99 from ZOWIE and Amazon.

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4 thoughts on “CAMADE keeps your gaming mouse on a leash and that’s a good thing”

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  2. HEY! Now that’s a clever idea. Expensive but clever. Sounds like something that needs to be designed as a 3D object so you can print one for yourself.

  3. Just use a Logitech Trackman-style mouse. The mouse doesn’t move, so the cord doesn’t get tangled on anything.

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