Television has been reinvented with CINEMOOD’s portable projector/theater

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This is the future. Basically the Jetsons, kinda. A gadget so convenient, fundamental, and basic to me… one I’ve never experienced life without… the television will be a dinosaur to my children.

CINEMOOD has created a wireless projector that fits in the palm of your hand, so you can watch your favorite movies and shows anywhere. It’s 3 inches tall, and under half a pound. This pocket projector plays 1080 HD videos at a display size of 12 feet.

With Wi-Fi, you can use CINEMOOD to stream content from anywhere online, like Netflix, Amazon Video, and YouTube. Is this real? You already know I’m about to watch New Girl on my ceiling before bed!

Even without access to Wi-Fi, this cute theater provides entertainment through 120 hours of preloaded content, including Disney movies and engaging videos. This would be perfect for traveling, lunch breaks, or any situation involving downtime and a flat surface. Seriously, this must be a dream. Or a movie… see what I did there? Either way, don’t wake me up.

Another exciting option is to bring your own memorable photos and videos to the big screen. This magic movie box has 16GB of internal memory, so you can download and play your own content for your family and friends too!

The CINEMOOD remote control app is free for iOS and Android devices such as smartphones, tablets, and the Apple Watch. It can hold 5 hours of battery life for wireless independence.

If this isn’t the coolest thing you’ve seen today, then you must live in Alaska. Get it today from Amazon for $399.99 with fast, free shipping through Amazon Prime!

4 thoughts on “Television has been reinvented with CINEMOOD’s portable projector/theater”

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  2. Pity – an Amazon ad rather than a Gadgeteer review 🙁
    Information vital to assess a handheld projector are missing: Power options? Playtime? Light source? Brightness? Offset? Keystone?

    1. I agree. This is just an ad. According to the Amazon listing, this is just a 35 lumen pico projector with some Disney picture slides preloaded on it. There are NO Disney movies on the device, according to the Q/A section.

      I’ve been seeing a number of these ad-like posts on the-gadgeteer of late from new contributors.

      1. Oops! You are right. It doesn’t say “Disney movies” it only says “Disney”. Thanks for pointing that out! (:

      2. Hi Tim,
        CINEMOOD is here. That is correct, we don’t have Disney movies, but we have 27 licensed Disney cartoons, 40 colorful Disney digital books and 120+ hours of other kid-friendly content, like lullabies, shadow puppets, bedtime stories, educational videos and more. All pre-loaded content stored in the cloud, so you can always delete back in the cloud all digital content that you or your child don’t want to watch offline. In addition, it has internal memory to upload your personal photos and videos. It also has built-in Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and YouTube. Plus you can download movies from Netflix or Amazon Prime directly to the device and watch without any wi-fi connection!
        Although CINEMOOD has only 35 lumens it provides with up to 12-foot bright and vivid image in the darker room. Yes, during the daytime it will not be as bright as TV, but still enough for kids to watch and enjoy. We think about safety first! CINEMOOD has soft lumens and no blue light that protects eyes of little kids. This is the only wireless and standalone projector in the world that can be used by kids without extra supervision, unlike any other projectors that might be potentially dangerous for your kids.

        Hope that helps!

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