Carry your grill with you in this briefcase

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mon oncle barbeque

Here in the South, barbecue is a cooked food product, usually pork.  In other areas, barbecue apparently means a process for cooking food or the equipment on which it is cooked.  (Bless their hearts!)  Apparently, today we’ll be using the second definition for the Mon Oncle barbecue briefcase from RS Barcelona.

mon oncle barbeque 2

Closed up, the Mon Oncle grill looks like a vintage, leather-wrapped briefcase.  Opened, you’ll find all the components for a tabletop grill.  The base is perforated with holes to allow the air to flow for greater cooking power and for making sure the grill itself doesn’t overheat.  Its size makes it great for using it on a balcony (if allowed at your residence) or for carrying it along on a picnic.  RS Barcelona recommends you use “coconut shell ecological charcoal for its properties: There’s no flame, it retains heat, and generates very little smoke.”

The Mon Oncle grill comes in gray, blue, green, or cream for $390.00 at the RS Barcelona website.  You’ll also find it at Amazon.  (Watch out for pricing at Amazon, though.  The gray one, sold by a third-party seller, is crazy expensive there!)


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