LifeProof Goa 22L Backpack review

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What is it?

You know the company, LifeProof, who created those insanely durable smartphone cases back in 2013? Well, it turns out there’s a demand for many of the products in our lives to be “life proof” or, protected from water, snow, dirt, and drop damage, including our backpacks! LifeProof has created such a backpack with the Goa 22L Backpack and it is pretty awesome.

What’s in the box?

In the box came the beautiful, black and green LifeProof backpack, alone. I fell in love at first sight.

Design and features

This heavy-duty pack has a multitude of features that set it aside its competition. It’s made from a water-repellent fabric, and even has a sealed, fleeced lined weather-resistant tech pocket that holds up to an iPhone 8 Plus. The tech pocket has a pass-through for cords like headphones and charging cables. If that pocket wasn’t cool enough, there’s also a hydration reservoir pocket that holds up to 3 liters, so you’ll always be hydrated on your adventures. There’s a detachable chest strap for extra comfort, and plenty of convenient smaller pockets on the inside to keep your gear organized. The exterior has 4 side stash pockets for smaller items like passports, wallets, etc. Also found on the outside is a separate reinforced laptop and/or tablet side pocket with padding to keep your electronics safe.

What I like

What I like the most about this pack is the padded laptop pocket, because it’s perfect for me as a traveling student journalist. I adore the ergonomic straps that make the pack completely comfortable, no matter how heavy I make it. The lifeproof-ness is something I particularly favor, also!

What needs to be improved

There isn’t much that I can see needs to be improved with this pack. It comes in 4 sizes, so it can appeal to almost anyone. Though I’m assuming it isn’t 100% waterproof, (I’m not going to soak it in the ocean to find out…) it is water resistant, meaning I can wear it out in the rain, and I plan to! The only thing I can think of is adding the option for more colors or styles. But, this company is pretty on-the-ball, so I’m sure they’ve already considered that.

Final thoughts

This is a greatly anticipated, well designed, nearly flawless backpack and I plan to keep using it for a  long time, being as it will last me a very very very long time! Go LifeProof!

Price: $159.99
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Source: The sample for this review was provided by Lifeproof.

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