The Cat Solarium lets your cat enjoy the outdoors without leaving the house

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Indoor cats always like to look outdoors, but sometimes there isn’t a window with a good perch where they can sit to enjoy the view.  With the Cat Solarium, they can enjoy the view and the fresh air from the safety of a window.  The Solarium fits into a window a bit like how a window air conditioner fits.  It has bars to keep the cat from jumping out.  The top is made of Plexiglass so the cat can enjoy sitting in the sun.

The basic structure is made of ¾” cabinet-grade plywood and painted with marine-grade paint. These are very durable, sun- and water-resistant structures – strong enough to hold a 50+ lb cat.  You can add a a Plexiglass back panel with a cat door insert to keep the outdoor air outside.  Other options include a Solarium pillow, cat perch/landing to help the cat easily enter the Solarium, mesh screen to keep insects out, and a Plexiglass weather enclosure.  To use the Solarium, your window opening must be 24.5″ wide and raise up 14.5″.  The manufacturer includes heavy gauge vinyl with industrial strength Velcro for a temporary cover for gaps surrounding the installed Solarium.

The Solarium is available in a variety of packages, from the Sun Room with a Plexiglass back panel with a cat door and the mesh screen for $299.99 to the Conservatory package with Plexi back panel with cat door, custom pillow, cat perch, weather enclosure, and mesh screen for $379.99.

Each kit comes with an Allen wrench for assembling the Solarium.  The wrench and 20 minutes are all you need for building the kit.  Illustrated instructions are available on the website.

The Cat Solarium can be purchased at their website.

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6 thoughts on “The Cat Solarium lets your cat enjoy the outdoors without leaving the house”

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    1. I’ve seen those pictures before, but I had never read about them. I never knew they were intended for sleeping in, too! And they could be fitted with a roof to protect the child from rain or SNOW! What were they thinking back then?

        1. Apparently the cats got a huge upgrade for their version. They can have a weather shield added to theirs to keep the cold out, and it comes standard with a roof to keep the rain off.

          1. Janet,

            Thank you for the review. I know for a fact, there has been a sale made from your post. We are in the business to provide a safe solution for kitty cats to be able to get outside, bird watch, hear the city, catch a cool breeze or nap in the sun. But as you titled your review, they never leave the house. I like that. In fact, I may use that in my next post. Yes, we have thought of everything to keep a cat outside and happy all year round. Thanks again for the great review.

            Cat Solarium

  2. Thanks, Melissa. This was a news post using info I found on your website. I’ve never actually seen or used your product, but I thought it looked like a nice accessory for cat owners.

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