FridgeCam lets you see inside your fridge even when you’re at the grocery store

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Do you ever find yourself at the grocery store wondering if you should buy a new bottle of salad dressing, or a head of lettuce only to get home and find that you bought a second of head of lettuce when you didn’t need one. Now you’ll end up wasting the food. Is there a solution to this problem? The Smarter FridgeCam claims to be the solution you need to save money and waste.

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The FridgeCam is a wireless camera that you can place INSIDE your refrigerator and it will snap a picture each time the door is closed to keep a record of the current contents. You can then access that picture from where ever you are – even at the grocery store.

There’s also a companion app that helps you keep track of expiration dates for foods and aids you in creating your shopping list.

The concept for this camera sounds interesting, but I’m not convinced how well it would work based on how much of a mess my fridge usually is. It tends to be crammed full of things so I’d only be able to see the front most items.

With a price tag of £149.99 which is about $202 US, the FridgeCam is pretty spendy. What do you think? Could a camera like this be useful? If you think so, you can order one from

8 thoughts on “FridgeCam lets you see inside your fridge even when you’re at the grocery store”

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  2. Pretty sure when I close my refrigerator door the light goes off. So it’s PITCH BLACK in my fridge…
    This device somehow magically keeps the light on? Nope.

    1. Their website isn’t clear when the picture is taken. One place says it takes the picture when you close the door and I also saw where it says it takes it when you open the door. But for a live view, it would have the light off. It doesn’t look like it has its own light source, so maybe it just shows it with night vision. I’ll try to get some clarification from them.

  3. Info from the people at Smarter:

    Hi Julie,

    Thanks for reaching out to us here at Smarter!

    Appreciate you showing interest in our innovative FridgeCam product.

    Yes that’s correct just as the fridge door closes to the users pre-set angle. The FridgeCam then takes an image of the fridge contents and sends to the users Smarter app.

    The FridgeCam has also been designed with a flash ring, which can be triggered on/off depending on the appropriate vision of the FridgeCam.

    Also just for your reference – we are in the midst of updating our current website which contains more updated information on the FridgeCam.

    Hope all this helps your query.


  4. Yeah – I didn’t see how it could connect to a wifi network with the door closed. If that were possible I would put one of my Blink cameras in my new freezer to monitor the temperature, after our old freezer stopped freezing – though the fan kept running so we had no clue until it was too late to save anything.

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