No wall is out of reach with these paint applicators

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I don’t have any radiators in my house, but I do have two toilets and a 600lb refrigerator that can’t be moved when I want to paint the walls.  Right now, the wall beside my fridge has paint only on the visible portion of the wall.  I can see the old wall color if I stand at a certain angle.  I need one of these Tight Space Paint Brushes to extend the paint further behind the fridge.

The Tight Space Paint Brush system has a 16.63″ x 4.5″ handle that slim, flat paint pads slide on to extend your reach by 12″ and give you better access and coverage in tight spots.  The packaging serves as a handy paint tray for loading up the pads with paint.

The paint pads can be hand-washed for reuse, using water for latex paint or mineral spirits for oil-based paint.  The Tight Space Paint Brush from Paint Behind is available for $14.95.  A refill kit with two more paint pads and a paint tray is available for $11.95.  Both are available from The Grommet.

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