Keep your feet toasty warm with this heated pouch

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I suffer from cold feet.  They get so cold that sometimes a night sleeping under a couple of blankets isn’t enough to warm them up.  I need the Ultra-Plush Foot Warmer for those days when my feet are so cold that nothing seems to warm them.

The Ultra-Plus warmer plugs into an AC outlet, and it has a 2-hour auto-shutoff and low/medium/high heating levels.  At 35″ long x 20″ wide, it’s big enough for two pairs of feet.  You can use the heated pouch sitting on the sofa, sitting at a desk, or even under the covers in bed.

It has a neutral ivory exterior; a soft fiberfill center cushions your feet for extra comfort.  After removing the controller, the pouch is machine-washable.

Normally, the warmer sells for $79.99, but it’s currently available for $59.99 at Sharper Image.


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