Aalo is reinventing furniture literally one piece at a time

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Buying new furniture is never fun and it’s usually full of compromises. Affordability usually equals both, reduced quality and boring designs. And custom furniture is out of reach for most of us. Aalo has designed Lego-like furniture that is simple, durable and customizable without the compromises. Interlocking and interchangeable parts allow you to choose from one of Aalo’s designs or make a design of your ownThe furniture line consists of 12 pre-arranged kits. Kits include a side table, bookshelf, and coat rack to name a few. 

Furniture that’s re-purposable

Each piece of furniture is designed to be both adaptable and reusable. The interchangeable parts allow you to take an old piece of furniture and turn it into something new. Tired of your bookshelf? Break it down and turn it into a bike rack. Or turn a side table into a couple of plant stands. Each powder-coated aluminum piece is strong, weather-proof and snaps together with just an Allen wrench. For extra savings, you can send any unused parts back to Aalo for free. 

Aalo’s furniture kits are available in either black or white and prices start at $35. You can purchase components such as different length beams and different types of connectors. Prices for those start @ $1.50. For more on pricing and to purchase visit Aalo’s website.

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    1. This appears to be sturdier (and more configurable) than IKEA furniture. Having bought my share of MDF-based assemble-yourself bookcases, I can confirm that something that would last through more than 1 move would be worthwhile to pay a premium for. It appears their AA-018 bookshelf (72″) is $260, where a comparable IKEA shelving unit (Fjalkinge) is $130. If you’re never moving them, go with the cheaper one. If you want something durable/reconfigurable that will survive getting thrown in a truck (or destructive kiddos), aluminum pipe would certainly fit the bill.

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