Don’t worry about the safety of your ring or your finger with the Enso silicone ring

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Wearing a ring while working at some jobs or engaging in some activities can be dangerous.  Yes, demanding physical activity can damage your ring, but more importantly, it can damage or even cost you your finger.  You may have heard about Jimmy Fallon’s hand injury some time back, where he caught his ring on a countertop as he fell and suffered a ring avulsion injury.  (Warning:  gruesome photos if you do a Google search!)  Avulsion injuries happen when the ring doesn’t slide off, but instead gets pulled down your finger, leaving nerve and muscle damage in its wake or even de-gloving your finger (yes, just what it sounds like!).  These injuries often results in amputation.  With the Enso ring, you won’t have to worry about remembering to remove your ring before engaging in risky activities because Enso silicone rings are designed to break apart if they are placed under stress.

Enso has a variety of styles and colors available, and they even have a line of Elements rings that are infused with real metals or minerals and are designed for use as wedding rings.  The Elements collection are available in a Classic width (6.6mm wide x 1.75mm thick) or a Thin width (4.3mm wide x 1.75mm thick).  These rings are available in copper (infused with real copper), rose or yellow gold (infused with real gold), silver (infused with real silver), black pearl (infused with real pearl), and peacock quartz (infused with quartz).  These rings have airflow channels on the inner surface to keep your finger cool and dry under the ring.  All Elements rings are $39.99, regardless of the infused material or the width of the bands.

Enso also offers other silicone rings without the metal infusion.  These rings are available in various fashionable styles and colors; they range in price from $12 to $25, with one style on sale for $6.00.  Check out all the colors and styles at the Enso Rings website.

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