ACME Studios Eco Pen doesn’t add to the landfill

I like using those clear barrel disposable pens.  They’re cheap, and you can always keep several around in case you misplace one, but the downside is that the plastic barrel is going to hang around in a landfill for a long time.  ACME Studios has developed some plastic barrel pens that will break down in about a year, so you can still use your favorite style of pen without the guilt of adding to the pollution.

The ACME Studios Eco Pen’s body and cap are made of 100% biodegradable corn starch plastic.  When disposed of properly, they’ll break down in a year; the refill isn’t biodegradable, though.  The body of the pen has a window that lets you see your ink level, and all pens use black ink.

Bedol offers the Eco Pen for $2.49 each.  They are available in twelve colors, but you’ll be sent a random color.  Check them out at Bedol.

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