This BESTEK surge protector has a built-in wireless charger

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This BESTEK surge protector packs a lot of power into a small footprint.  Instead of the long-strip form that surge protectors usually take, this 1500joules protector is a vertical column.  Along the sides you’ll find eight power sockets and six USB charging ports.  And the cherry on top is the wireless charger on the top of the column.

The sockets all have safety doors to keep kids safe from inserting something in them.  Each row of sockets has a power switch to turn them off when they aren’t needed.  BESTEK says the USB ports “can intelligently detect your devices to deliver its safest maximum charge speed, up to 2.4A per port and 40W/8A total“.  And on top of the column is a 5V/1A wireless charger that works with all Qi-compatible devices.

The BESTEK 8-Outlet Surge Protector and 40W 6-Port USB Charging Dock Station with wireless charger is $49.99 at Amazon.

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