R2-D2’s dome can blast your tunes or answer your phone!

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R2-D2 is arguably the most recognizable and beloved droid in the world (well, probably the galaxy). And the kindred spirits at ThinkGeek know this. They’ve created the Star Wars R2-D2 Bluetooth Speakerphone so you can use good ol’ R2 to blast your tunes as well as answer your phone. Not only that, but he also plays movie sound clips when switched on, when pairing is completed, and when turned off!  How awesome is that?  Pretty darn awesome, in my not-so-humble-Star Wars-superfan opinion.  Shaped like R2-D2’s iconic dome, this speaker includes a 700mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery that charges via micro USB cable—and it even includes a cool blue glow underneath. And I have to say, he’s downright adorable. In a swashbuckling, save-the-day, astromech droid kinda way. And I want one. Hyperspace jump over to Thinkgeek to check out R2-D2 or to order.

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  2. How about adding a “Pro” version that will work with Amazon Alexa? Change the wake up word to “R2” and I’ll buy one.

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