Julie’s gadget diary – One reason why I love the Pixel 2 XL that you’ll never guess

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I switched from an iPhone 7 Plus to the Pixel 2 XL back in October, so I’ve been using it for almost 3 months now and feel like I have a really good handle on how it works and performs.

When people were complaining about the phone’s display issues, I shrugged my shoulders because the blue tint problem didn’t make any difference to me considering I don’t pivot my phone from side to side when I’m using it.

Then when people complained that the display’s colors weren’t vivid enough, I just shook my head because the colors looked just fine to me.

I can honestly say that Google Pixel 2 XL is my all time favorite smartphone for several reasons. One of those reasons will probably come as a surprise to anyone who has read my past smartphone reviews.

Here are my reasons in no particular order:

  1. The Pixel 2 XL is a stock Google Android phone, so it will always get OS updates faster than Samsung, LG, and Motorola phones.
  2. The Pixel 2 XL’s built-in camera is so good that I sold my Canon 70D DSLR a month ago and have been taking all my product review images with the Pixel 2 XL. I bet you didn’t even notice a difference, did you?
  3. Free unlimited full resolution photo storage to the Google cloud until 2020.
  4. And the reason you will probably never guess why the I love the Pixel 2 XL is that the fingerprint sensor works EVERY time for me! Until now, smartphone and tablet fingerprint sensors have hated me and I have felt exactly the same towards them. I would be able to unlock my phone for a few days or maybe even a week, but then they would stop working until I’d re-program in my fingerprint. And then we’d start over again where it would work for a few days before flaking out again. This hasn’t been my experience with the Pixel 2 XL. I’ve only programmed my finger once back in October and it’s still working almost 3 months later! This is unheard of for me. And just to make a point, I bought a new Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 a couple of weeks ago and I’ve yet to get that tablet to unlock with my fingerprint.

Those are my top 4 reasons why I am enjoying the Pixel 2 XL as my main smartphone. Are there other Pixel 2 XL fans out there? Let’s hear from you in the comments.


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