Add a decorative “nest” for your Nest thermostat

If you’re replacing a big, clunky thermostat with a Nest, you may find yourself with a patch of unpainted or un-wallpapered wall that the Nest isn’t going to cover.  If you aren’t aware that Nest comes with a rectangular white plate to cover up such things ( ahem…) or you want a different look, perhaps the wooden Nest Thermostat Wall Plate will be what you’re looking for.  When we had our HVAC system replaced this summer, we had a Nest installed with it.  And because I wasn’t aware of the plastic plate (ahem…), I ordered the Wall Plate in golden oak.  It looks great on the wall, and it covered up the unpainted area left after the big, old, clunky rectangular thermostat was removed.  The surrounds are made of European beech wood, and they are available in painted white or golden oak stained finish for $20.00,  or unfinished so you can choose your own stain for $15.00.  I found mine at Amazon.

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