Spoke Pencil Model 4 is a bespoke update to its predecessors

Way back in 2012, we posted a news article about the Spoke Pencil, which at the time was the first foray into Kickstarter campaigns for inventor, designer and maker, Brian Conti. Brian has since launched several brands and Kickstarter campaigns which all sprang from the success of his original Spoke Pencil. Brian has recently released Spoke Pencil Model 4, which retains many of the design elements of the original, but with some notable improvements: a new grip texture and shape (available in either 8.3 or 9.2 mm diameters), the ability to mix-and-match 5 grip materials/finishes and 5 barrel colors, and either 0.5, 0.7 or 0.9 mm diameter lead. Spoke Pencil Model 4 also comes with extra lead and erasers, as well as a little stand that allows you to store the pencil vertically. Price is $39.00 for a single Spoke Pencil Model 4. Visit the Spoke Pencil site for more info or to order.

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