BESTEK Power Strip Surge Protector 8-Outlet review

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You’ve all probably used a powerstrip at some point in your life. Heck, you’re probably using one right now at home or work. I have one under my desk at work, but at home, I have been using the BESTEK 8-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector for the last few weeks. Let’s take a look.

What is it?

The BESTEK Power Strip Surge Protector 8-Outlet is just what it sounds like it is. It’s a power strip with 8 outlets and a surge protector. But, it also includes 6 USB ports.


Input Voltage : 100-125V
AC Rated power: 1875W(125V 15A)
Surge Protection: 1500J
USB Output: 40W 8A(Total), 5V/2.4A Max(each port)
Size/Weight: 4.8*4.8*5.7 in / 2.14 lb
Cord length: 6 Feet (14AWG)

Design and features

The BESTEK doesn’t look like most traditional power strips which are usually a horizontal row of outlets with a switch and a cord. The BESTEK is shaped like a cube with 2 outlets on each side of the cube and 3 USB ports on two corners.

The power strip (I don’t know why it’s even called a power strip since it’s not a strip…) is 6 inches x 6 inches in size.

There are two buttons that can be used as toggles to turn the power off the 3-prong AC outlets on each level of the strip. A small LED lights up in green when the outlets are active.

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A reset switch is located on the base of the power strip near the 6ft long heavy duty power cord.

I’ve been using a Coalesse Power Pod as my on-desk power setup for the last 6 years. I like it because the power cord is attached to the bottom of the pod which hides it when I run the cord through the grommet on my desk.

The BESTEK has 2 more outlets than the Coalesse and it has 6 USB ports, which makes it more useful, but it doesn’t look nearly as nice on my desk.

The layout of the AC outlets could be a little problematic if you need to plugin large modules like my Eneloop battery charger. But with the built-in USB ports, I don’t find that I need to use AC adapters very often.

A green LED above each USB port lights up when the port is in use. Each USB port can supply up to 2.4A per port, 40W/8A total. 

There are also 2 status indicator LEDs for ground protection and surge protection on the base. You can barely see them in the image above.

BESTEK has built-in short circuit protection and over current protection, but nowhere on the device is a UL certification.

As an added safety feature, there are safety doors inside the AC outlets that have been added to protect kids from trying to stick their fingers in the sockets.

Final thoughts

The BESTEK Power Strip Surge Protector 8-Outlet offers a lot of power in a compact package. It’s just too bad that it’s not UL listed. But if that doesn’t bother you, this is a nice power “strip” that will keep all your gadgets juiced and running without depleting your wallet.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by BESTEK. Please visit Amazon for more info and to order.


Product Information

  • 8 AC outlets
  • 6 USB ports
  • Can toggle power to AC outlet levels
  • Not UL listed

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  2. To get UL listed, it would have to demonstrate that (among other things) it would not catch fire when overloaded. Hmm…

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