Prevent socks from going MIA with the SockDock


Can I see a show of hands… how many of you have socks with missing mates? We call them stragglers at my house, and it seems to be a widespread issue that affects countless families throughout the world. How can we solve this horrible tragedy? Well, there’s a gadget for that, and it’s called the SockDock.

The SockDock is a flexible holder that keeps nine pairs of socks together in the washer and the dryer so that one or more of them won’t escape to become the next “stragglers”.

The holder even has a hook at the end that you can use to hang the nine pairs of socks in the closet. Yeah, that seems kind of weird, but it will save you time and free up your sock drawer for other clothing.

SockDocks come with two holders, one for dirty and one for clean socks. You can read more about them at and order from The Grommet and Amazon for $14.95 and $16.00 respectively.

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