This clip will turn your No. 2 pencil into a slingshot

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penpow 1

Teachers will LOVE the PenPOW from Animi Causa because it teaches physics and how stored elastic energy can shoot a projectile at high speed. Ok, they might not really like the PenPOW when the kids in their class start shooting spitwads at each other.

The PenPOW is a springy metal clip that fits on a No. 2 pencil to provide a fun launcher for paper wads.

penpow 2

It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye, so just don’t aim anything at your friend’s face!

The PenPOW is priced at $10.99. Go read more about it now at

3 thoughts on “This clip will turn your No. 2 pencil into a slingshot”

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  2. even though the old pencil/pen clips weren’t as skillfully weaponized, they were still good enough for a detention or two

    I have been hoping for a titanium tubed bic/biro so that a tacticool spitball shooter would make its way into children’s lives

      1. my kids did that already
        taped a pointer to the pen tube
        sighted at fifteen feet and used push pins that matched the bore of the pen they used
        with the laser hanging below the bore it balanced fairly well
        a surprising number of projectiles hit pin first as well

        just shows that there isn’t much new, is there?

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