Light Stax are LEGO compatible bricks that light up

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light stax 2

Building things with LEGO bricks is fun, but if you want to shed new light on the fun, you should check out Light Stax. Light Stax are LEGO and Mega Blox compatible bricks that light up without wires.

Each Light Stax brick contains a LED and electrical contacts on the brick posts. Build your model on the USB powered Power Stax base which provides power to each brick to light it up.

light stax 3

Light Stax are available in sets that contain different quantities and colors of the translucent bricks that can be used to build a variety of models.

light stax 1

Prices for the sets range from $19.99 for a set of 12 Light Stax bricks up to $136.91 for the unlimited set which includes 102 bricks. You can find more information about Light Stax at Order from that site if you’re in Europe and check out Light Stax on Amazon if you’re here in the US.

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