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The best feature of minimalist wallets is that they are ultra slim and take up minimal space in your bag or pocket. The problem is that this best feature can also impact how you remove cards from the wallet. A wallet that is ultra compact isn’t useful if you have to use pliers to remove a card. The Walter Wallet has a unique way of solving that problem. Let me show you.

What is it?

The Walter Wallet is a minimalist wallet that is available in plastic or aluminum and has been designed to hold up to 7 cards and up to 5 folded bills. The wallet features a unique “stack and slide” system for accessing cards.

Design and features

I received the cool mint plastic version of the wallet which is available in six different colors.  It’s constructed of a stiff hard plastic that feels very rugged but still has a bit of flex to it.

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The wallet is made of two pieces that are held together with 10 tiny Torx head screws to create two sections. One section can hold up to 7 standard sized plastic credit cards and the other smaller section can hold up to 5 folded bills. Inside the card holding section

Inside the card holding section are notches on the sides that hold the cards in place with friction.

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I rounded up 7 plastic cards to test with the Walter Wallet.

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To insert them, you just insert the stack of cards in the card section and seat them in place.

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After the cards are fully seated, they will not fall out even if you turn the wallet upside down and shake it.

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To remove a card, you grip the wallet with one hand and with the fingers of the other hand over the top edge cards and your thumb in the cutout opening on the bottom, you press down with the hand gripping the wallet and press up with the hand gripping the cards. The cards will raise up then slide back down when you release them, creating a perfect fanned stack of cards. If you can’t picture what I’ve described, check out this quick video.

If you put your most used card at the bottom of the stack, it will be the easiest to retrieve.

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Folded cash goes in the smaller slot.

walter wallet 9

It can easily be retrieved in the same way.

I tested the Walter Wallet with 1 card all the way up to 7 cards and no matter the number, they all were held securely in the wallet as long as I was sure to fully seat them in place.

Final thoughts

I really like the Walter Wallet for its genius simplicity. It’s very easy to insert and remove cards and I love sliding them up, letting go and watching them slide back down in a perfect stairstep of cards.

The only thing I’d like would be to make it a little thinner. The width and length of the wallet isn’t much bigger than a credit card, but the thickness is over half an inch (5/8in) which feels a little thick to me. I’d like to see them offer a version of the wallet without the cash slot. That would make it about only about 3/8in thick which would be much better in my opinion. I tried to remove the back half of the wallet, but my selection of Torx bits were all too large.

If you’re looking for a unique minimalist wallet that is fun and easy to use, definitely check out the Walter Wallet.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by byWalter BV. Please visit their site for more info and Amazon to order.


Product Information

Manufacturer:byWalter BV
  • Stack and slide system is fun and easy to use
  • Slot for cash too
  • A little thick for a minimalist wallet

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  2. The company’s FAQ page states that the 7 card count is based on only 1 embossed card, and that each additional embossed card will lower the total amount you can carry.

    Julie, can you please test this out and let us know how many embossed cards it will hold?


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