Trayvax Link and Link-Stretch quick release swivel lanyards review

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You’ll be able to keep your keys, your favorite flashlight, pocket knife or other small EDC item attached to yourself or your gear bag with the Trayvax Link or Link-Stretch quick release lanyards. Let’s check them out.

What are the Trayvax Link and Link-Stretch lanyards?

They are climb-spec nylon lanyards with a carabiner on one end that can clip to a belt loop, gear bag, etc. and a quick release swivel on the other end with a split ring for your keys or other gear.

Design and features

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Trayvax offers the Link and the Link-Stretch.

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The Link has a carabiner on one end and the quick release swivel with a split ring on the other end. In between is a 3.25-inch length of climb-spec nylon webbing that has contrasting blue stitching and a grey on black logo tag.

The carabiner is small, but not too small that it won’t hook onto a belt loop. The gate is very stiff, so there’s little chance that it can open it its own.

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We’ve all seen lanyards with carabiners before, but what sets the Trayvax Link apart from other lanyards is the quick release swivel. It’s made of steel with knurling around the sides and a spring loaded release button on top.

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To remove the split ring you press the button on the quick release swivel and pull off the end.

To attach it again, you have to hold the button and snap it back in place over the ball-lock mechanism. I found that it takes a little practice and two hands to re-attach the end to the Link but after awhile I got the hang of it.

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The Trayvax Link-Stretch has a few differences from the Link. First of all, the Link-Stretch is made of nylon covered elastic shock cord.

It also comes with an additional attachment piece and split ring. If you don’t want to use the split ring, you can use the included length of paracord.

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The Link-Stretch can go from 16 to 25 inches when stretched.

Final thoughts

The Trayvax Link and Link-Stretch quick release swivel lanyards are made here in the USA and offer a lifetime warranty. They are well made and rugged. They keep your gear right where you need it, allow for quick detachment when it’s time to use it and then reattach it when you’re done.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Trayvax. Please visit their site for more info.


Product Information

Price:$24.99 (Link), $39.99 (Link-Stretch)

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