Blink adds home security products to their growing line up of monitoring gear

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Only one month after announcing their new wireless outdoor camera, Blink is expanding further; this time into the home security products and services space. Later this week at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, the company will be showcasing their Blink Seecurity™ systems and monthly service plans which will be available this year in Q2. 

Blink will be offering their own line of new home security products that include:

  • 4G Cellular Sync Module with Battery Backup for Data & Video – The new Blink sync module offers the ability to operate with or without internet connectivity, even when the power is out
  • Entry Sensors – Offer an easy and cost-effective way to secure every window and door
  • Siren – With 105 decibels and both manual and motion-based triggering, this easily added unit will help scare away any intruder
  • Keypad – Allows users and their trusted family, friends and neighbors to securely arm and disarm their Blink system with a unique passcode
  • Water Sensor – Will instantly alert users of any leaks or flooding
  • Blink Seecurity™ Kits:
    • Starter Seecurity™ Kit ($339) for new customers includes: 1 Blink Camera, 1 Blink XT Camera, 1 Enhanced Sync Module, 1 Siren, 2 Entry Sensors and 1 Keypad
    • Upgrade Seecurity™ Kit ($149) for existing customers includes: 1 Enhanced Sync Module, 1 Siren, 2 Entry Sensors and 1 Keypad

The new home security systems will be compatible with Blink’s current video monitoring products. The new systems will require a monthly service plan that will be priced at $9.99/mo. for the self-monitoring plan and $19.99/mo. for 3rd party monitoring plan.

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