RediTape is a duct tape “roll” that fits in your pocket


Duct tape is a must have item for everyone’s toolbox and workshop because it’s such a versatile material for repairing and even making brand new items. The only problem with Duct tape is the form factor. It traditionally comes in big bulk rolls that are inconvenient to store and carry around in a gear bag when a fix-it need strikes. RediTape solves this problem by flatting 5 yards of 2 inch wide tape into an easy to carry (even in your pocket) roll. RediTape is available in original silver and black, as well as other colors like green, yellow and more. A pack of 6 travel “rolls” is priced at $16.95 and can be purchased from The Grommet. Also check Amazon for different package sizes.

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3 thoughts on “RediTape is a duct tape “roll” that fits in your pocket”

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  2. I’m gonna need more pockets. Cellphone, all the flashlights, wallets and knives reviewed here over time, and now this !

  3. For backpacking, I wrap a bunch of duct tape around the handle of my trowel. It’s very compact and easy to find.

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