Train yourself to have better posture with Upright


Sometimes I find myself slumped in my computer chair and my mom’s voice pops into my head saying “sit up straight!” It can become a bad habit to slouch for those of us who sit down at a desk all day.  If you want to strengthen your core muscles, lessen your back pain and increase your productivity, this may be the product for you! With Upright, you can train for 15-60 minutes per day and improve your core strength and muscle memory so that you can enjoy a lifetime of good posture. It attaches to your upper and lower back and can detect when you slouch, giving you a slight vibration that reminds you (just like mom did) to sit in a more upright position. Using the free app and the 24/7 support, you are sure to be motivated to sit straight and alleviate your back pain once and for all. It is being offered on Amazon for $99.95 and is available for Prime shipping so you can get going right away.

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