Bowers & Wilkins P7 headphone is now wireless

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Last year, Bowers & Wilkins stepped into the future with their on ear P5 Wireless headphone. In my review, I said … “the fact that Bowers & Wilkins makes the P5 sound as good as it does when wireless is a wonderful bonus.” That bonus has been expanded to include the over ear B&W P7 Wireless. Even better, the P7 Wireless is offered at the same price of the original wired P7.

B&W_P7 Wireless_2The P7 Wireless combines what is so good about the original P7 with the success of the P5 Wireless. Acoustic advances over the original P7’s speaker drivers have helped make the P7 Wireless exhibit tighter bass, more defined vocals and an added sense of space, balance and clarity across the whole frequency range.

The P7 Wireless comes with aptX Bluetooth and can be paired with the most popular Bluetooth-enabled devices such as a smartphone, tablet or computer. Hi-Fi quality music can be streamed on the go while soft noise-blocking memory foam ear pads create a comfortable listening experience. There are intuitive on-board controls and a rechargeable battery offering 17-hours of wireless playback—easily charged via USB. A cable is supplied in the box when necessary.

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The P7 Wireless is built using aluminum and sheep leather providing luxury and durability. The headphones are foldable, making them easy to travel with a carrying case that helps keep the P7 Wireless safe.

The new P7 Wireless is priced at $399.99. They are available online at and in retail locations like Amazon by Sept. 15, 2016. Bowers & Wilkins have also lowered prices on their other headphones.

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