Cassia Hub is a router for your Bluetooth gadgets

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Do you use Bluetooth speakers, light bulbs, smart plugs and more? Bluetooth devices are easy to setup and don’t clog up your WiFi network, but the most annoying thing about Bluetooth is the short range connection and one-to-one pairing limitations. The Cassia Hub has been designed to fix these problems. It is a router for your Bluetooth gadgets that will let you roam around freely in your home without losing a connection. It increases the connection range from around 30 feet to an impressive 1000 feet in the open air or through up to 3 walls inside buildings. You can connect to up to 22 devices the Cassia Hub and they can be organized into groups for control through the Cassia mobile app. Prices start at $99 for the Cassia Hub and more for various kits that include LED bulbs and speakers. Visit Cassia Networks for more info and Amazon to order.

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