Tado adds mobile app control to your remote controllable AC unit

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If you own an in-window, wall hanging or portable air conditioning unit, it is probably controlled with a handheld remote. Handy, yes. But Gadgeteer worthy, no. You can change that with the tado° Smart AC Control which gives your semi-dumb AC unit IoT (Internet of Things) super powers that are IFTTT and Amazon Echo compatible. Tado is a wall mounted or table top touch sensitive control unit that connects to your AC unit and your mobile phone. From your phone, you can view the current temperature and humidity level and turn the AC on or off even if you aren’t home. Tado can also use your geolocation to automatically turn the AC off when you leave the house and back on again when you’re on your way home. You can find more info at Tado.com and order one for $179 from Amazon.

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