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This summer I bought my son a remote controlled car.  Soon, I thought “what if I could attach a camera to it?”  I already had GoPro cameras, but I wasn’t sure mounting them to a zippy kid’s toy that’s prone to crashing.  Fortunately, I had the chance to review the Campark Sports Camera, which boasts 4K video recording.

Campark Sports Camera-01 Campark Sports Camera-02

If it looks vaguely familiar, you’re right.  There are quite a few GoPro-ish action cameras out there.  Note the packaging simply says “ACTION CAMERA”.  No mention of the name Campark anywhere.  I suspect the packaging is deliberate for OEM customization.  Just a hunch.

Here are the basic specs, from the Amazon page.  I’ve left it verbatim:

Lens: 170°HD wide-angle
Zoom: 4X
Image Resolution:12M(4608*2592)/8M(3760*2120)/5M(2976*1672)
Video resolution:4K(3840*2160@25fps)/2.7K(2704*1524@30fps)/1080P(1920*1080@60fps)/1080P(1920*1080@30fps)
Video Compression Format:H.264
Video format:MOV
Photo format:JPEG
Photo mode: Single Shot/Continuous Shooting/Self-timer(5s/10s/30s/60s)
WiFi OS: Android and iOS
Microphone: built-in
HDMI output: Support
Memory: Micro SDHC Class 10 16~32 GB(NOT including)
Connections: USB2.0 & Mini HDMI (Type D)
Battery working time: Max 50 minutes @ 4K/1080P 60fps,Max 90 minutes @ 1080P 30fps
Battery Capacity: Built-in 1050mAh lithium battery
Dimensions: 59*41*24.6mm
Weight: 64g(with battery)
Waterproof Level: With waterproof case, 30 meters underwater

Campark Sports Camera-04 Campark Sports Camera-05The kit comes with a waterproof case.  Note the snap-release “foot” of the base.  It is very similar to the GoPro system, but the foot won’t slip into GoPro bases.  The 2-3 finger “hinge” is compatible, however.

Campark Sports Camera-03

Unlike your typical GoPro. the Campark camera comes with a wide assortment of mounting adapters for nearly every situation.
Campark Sports Camera-06Here’s the camera, front and back, out of the waterproof case.  On the back is an LCD screen.  It is not touch-sensitive.  Navigating involves a ballet between the power/mode button up front and the top-mounted record button (red circle) to select.Campark Sports Camera-07Top, bottom, left and right views of the camera.  If you’re familiar with the GoPro family, there are no surprises here.  Campark Sports Camera-09Now here’s an accessory I haven’t seen before:  It’s a two-part clip that snaps on the back.  The clip part snaps on the back, obscuring the LCD display.  Pretty clever.  Naturally, this isn’t a waterproof setup.

Campark Sports Camera-08

The Campark camera came with two batteries, which was somewhat of a pleasant surprise.  Note the battery door completely detaches.  If you’re not careful, you’ll lose it.

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Campark Sports Camera-10Here I’ve placed the Campark (left) alongside the GoPro Hero 4 Silver (right).  You can see the similarities- the physical dimensions are nearly identical.  The GoPro includes an LCD for status on the front, and a touchscreen color LCD on the back.  The Campark also lacks the multi-pin connector the GoPro has on the rear (left of LCD).
Campark Sports Camera-11Some more views of the two cameras.  Note the Campark accepts a microUSB connector, and the GoPro uses the larger miniUSB.  Both take microSD cards.  Also, the GoPro’s battery door is hinged (can’t lose it).

Campark Sports Camera-12On the scale, the Campark does weigh in about 20 grams lighter than the GoPro.

Campark Sports Camera-13

Since the Campark was physically the same size, I found out it fits in the basic snap-in GoPro Hero 4 “frame” style holder.  This would come in handy later during testing.

Campark Sports Camera-15There is an app (iOS shown) that once again, has no mention of “Campark” anywhere.  
Campark Sports Camera-16I downloaded it and tried it out.  It does exactly what you’d think:  You connect to the camera via WiFi first, then launch the app.  Handy if you need to remotely position the view and begin recording.

For testing, I mounted the GoPro “frame” holder atop the RC car and let my son do the driving.

First, the Campark running 1080 at 60fps.  Note:  For some reason, the YouTube uploads don’t look quite as good as the original, but you get the general idea.

For comparison, here’s the GoPro Hero 4 Silver, also recording at 1080 @ 60fps.

The Campark does a fair job, but when I watch the original files, the GoPro seems sharper.

Next:  4K.  Now, at this price point, I had fairly low expectations for the Campark, but it is listed at 25fps while the GoPro Hero 4 Silver does a seemingly poky 15fps.  Let’s take a look at the Campark at 4K:

Next, the GoPro at 4k (but 15fps):

Once again, the GoPro’s visuals are cleaner-looking.  Yet, how does the Campark manage a faster framerate?

The answer is probably in the compression.  Here are two crops of the same patch of sky:

Campark Sports Camera-17

Campark Sports Camera-18

The first image was from the Campark.  You can see the “banding” of blue sky.  The GoPro isn’t perfect, but at least the compression is less dramatic.

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Why in the world then would anyone NOT choose the GoPro, then?  The Hero 4 Silver has better-looking video, a touchscreen, and that name recognition.  However, at $399.99 MSRP, the GoPro Hero 4 Silver may not be the kind of camera you’d want to possibly get banged up or even lose.

The Campark is 20 grams lighter and manages to have a color LCD on the back.  It comes with more mounting accessories than I’ve ever seen included with an action camera, and a second battery is included.  As of this writing, the Campark Sports Cam is listed for $69 at Amazon, which is a good value- especially if your RC car driver is just out of the 4th grade.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Campark. Please visit the Amazon listing for more info.

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Product Information

  • microSD card (not included). MicroUSB for charging (charger not included)
  • Color LCD built in to the back. Familiar action cam design. Comes with two batteries. More mounting options than you'll know what to do with. WiFi capable with Android/iOS app. Waterproof case (30m) included.
  • 4K video recording quality is heavily compressed.
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  • Tom July 18, 2016, 8:25 pm

    Question: Where would you suggest a good place to attach this camera on your person if you are zip lining, and should I remove the waterproof cover? Thank you for your assistance. Tom

  • Jimmy September 5, 2016, 11:49 pm

    This is great, but I found another good camera, it’s AKASO EK7000 4K wifi sports action camera, cheap and good quality, really worth looking at it, then you can do a different review,it will be great.

  • juliana February 17, 2017, 4:57 pm

    how do i delete videos?

  • Andy Chen February 17, 2017, 8:07 pm

    There is no way to delete individual videos *in* the camera, except for formatting the whole memory card.

    • Stevee May 16, 2017, 9:02 pm

      open to video /pic yo9u want to delete, press and hold menu buton for 5chose delete

  • Stuart H September 25, 2017, 8:46 pm

    Hi. I have a Campark Xtreme I+ UHD4K and can not figure out how to transfer files to a MacBook pro running OSX 10.10.5. Can you please help?

    • Andy Chen September 25, 2017, 10:33 pm

      Normally, you would either connect the miniUSB cable to your camera, and the other end to your computer. Power the camera on, and the camera should mount on your computer as a removable drive.

      • Stuart H September 26, 2017, 10:46 am

        Thank you very much for your reply. I have done what you suggested (a few times) with no luck. I also have contacted the company ( and their response was disheartening “I apologize that do not have a manual for what you mentioned , could you search online ? Honestly, I advise use Card reader to copy what you want.”

        I inserted the mini chip into the provided card reader and inserted into my mac and it said that the information was not readable. I played it safe and removed it as we just returned from vacation and right now the only copy of the images/videos are on that mini chip.

        If it was 1995 and I was trying to get something to a mac I may understand the incompatibility. But being 2017, it is hard to understand why such a highly rated camera would have no info on transferring files to a mac. Any suggestions?

        • Andy Chen September 26, 2017, 10:50 am

          I am assuming your video is recorded on your memory card, and you are able to view them on the camera. Otherwise, you have may have a corrupted memory card. You might also try a different microSD card in the camera.

          • Stuart H September 26, 2017, 10:57 am

            Yes. All looks good viewing images and videos on the camera.

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