SeeNote is an e-paper sticky note for your digital reminders

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For many, myself included, our phone has become our de facto memo pad to keep reminders, to do lists, and other hastily scribbled notes. One issue is that these become hidden behind a series of swipes and taps, and so, counter-intuitively, you now have to remember to check your reminders. I have long sought for a way to bring my digital notes to the forefront in a more visible and readily accessible form, and I believe SeeNotes could be the answer.

Inspired by a traditional sticky note, SeeNote is a 3.5 x 3.5 inch square device featuring a 4.2 inch e-Paper touchscreen display (300 dpi). This always-on, always-connected screen serves as a repository for those notes you want front-and-center instead of buried within your phone. A LED strip around the edge of the device can be set to subtly remind you to check the device with a gentle glow. Additional smart functions include calendar sync, weather alerts, traffic conditions, and the ability to control connected home devices. You can even customize your own workflow with IFTTT integration and an open API—for instance, you can create a button that will order pizza with a touch. The power-efficient ePaper display allows it to run continuously for a month on a single charge. SeeNote comes with a magnetic mounting plate which can be affixed anywhere using the included 3M adhesive strips, and then the device itself magnetically sticks to the plate and can be easily removed for recharging. A companion iOS and Android app allows you to configure the device and send notes/alerts; you can also send notes through e-mail.

If you’re interested, SeeNote is available for pre-order on their website for $99 (will retail for $129). Anticipated ship date is some time in Spring 2017.

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  2. This looks cool, but I’m a little leery about ordering a device that depends on their specific cloud server to operate after the recent incident of one brand’s smart home hub turning into an inert block after the new company owners decided to make it obsolete (can’t find a link to the specifics right now).

  3. I can see a great use for these, so I hope the idea catches on and the price comes down. I want one in my office to replace the row of sticky notes lining the bottom of my monitor, one in the bathroom to remind me of what’s going on today and one in my kitchen to leave notes for my husband!

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