TaylorSense is a health tracker for your guitar


There appears to be no end in sight for the IoT (Internet of Things). First we had activity trackers for humans, cars, our homes, and our pets. You might think the trend would end there right? Of course not, don’t be crazy! I present to you, the TaylorSense guitar health monitor from Taylor Guitars. TaylorSense is a guitar health monitoring system that lets you check your instrument’s vital signs anytime you like through a mobile app on your phone or tablet. How does it work? Well, first you need a Taylor guitar that has a 9V Expression System, ES-T or ES-N pickup. It’s not clear if TaylorSense is a complete replacement for the 9V system or if it’s an add-on. The monitor includes a digital hygrometer that tracks humidity levels, which are very important when it comes to acoustic instruments made of wood. When humidity is too low, instruments crack. Too high and the wood can warp. The TaylorSense app will alert you when levels remain too high or too low for an extended period of time. Other alerts include temperature fluctuations, impact alerts, and battery life warnings. Although it sounded silly at first, the humidity level sensor would be a nice feature to have. I already monitor the humidity levels in my office because that’s where my ukuleles live. So I wouldn’t mind having something like this for my instruments. Hopefully someone will offer a generic sensor that can be used for any brand of guitar, ukulele or other wooden instruments. There’s no info on pricing yet, but you can read more about the TaylorSense at taylorguitars.com

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