Need something more secure than the typical pet door? Try the Power Pet Door

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power-pet-doorMany people install pet doors so that their pets can take care of business without having to wait on their owners. However, many pet doors may not be energy efficient and are not secure. The Power Pet Door by High Tech Pet aims to eliminate the problems of other pet doors. This door slides up and down when activated and opens only two ways: when your pet approaches the door directly, the ultrasonic waterproof collar opens the door (no more stray pets or animals!) or when you manually push the button on the door. The door is made of a bullet-proof resin and has an automatic dead-bolt locking system to keep the door from being forced open for increased security. It is also air-tight, thus it is wind and weather-proof. The collar works for months using a single lithium battery and the door works using three power modes: “standard AC wall adapter (included), optional auto-recharging battery backup protects against power outages (requires an optional battery) and battery only (requires optional charger kit)”. The Power Pet Door comes in two sizes: small (28.625″ H x 12″ W x 2″ D) and large (40.625″ H x 16″ W x 6″ D) and is available from Wayfair for $325.03 (large).

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