The AMPY MOVE turns your running, walking and biking into power for your gadgets

Last week I told you about a jump rope that doubles as a charger by charging its internal 1800 mAh lithium-ion battery as you twirl the rope. If you like jumping rope, that’s an interesting alternative to a traditional backup battery. But for those of you that prefer to walk, bike or run, the AMPY MOVE is a small wearable kinetic charger that will store power generated from your activity. The more vigorous your activity, the more energy you will generate. The AMPY MOVE is about the size of a deck of cards and has LED status lights that show how full the battery is. A quick check with the free AMPY+ companion app will show much energy you’re generating and using while wearing the AMPY MOVE module. According to the AMPY website, 1hr of exercise converts to 1hr of normal smartphone use, 5hrs of smartphone standby time and up to 24hrs of smartwatch battery life. The AMPY MOVE is available now for $99. Visit for more info and Amazon to order one.

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