Smart leggings – because even leggings are better with Bluetooth

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I’ve always envied how quickly and easily my husband is able to find and buy jeans. I despise trying on clothes because it seems as though 99% of the time nothing fits, which feels like a huge waste of time. LikeAGlove is a pair of smart leggings that help women (and in the future men) find the perfect pair of jeans in a fraction of the time. Just put them on, turn them on, tap on “Measure” in the app (iOS and Android – see FAQ section to determine supported devices), stand straight for five seconds, and the leggings will take your measurements and send the data to the app via Bluetooth. The app then uses your measurements to search a database for those jeans (usually $50 and up) that will be the perfect fit for your shape and size. You can browse through the list of online retailers to choose the jeans you want. LikeAGlove “link[s] to the manufacturer’s website where you can purchase directly or go through your favorite retailer.” You may even use one pair of LikeAGlove leggings for each of the ladies in your family by setting up separate app profiles, logging out, then signing up as a new user. Currently, the leggings are one-size-fits-all:

“the fabric and sensors in the current leggings will expand to measure up to 58″ (150 cm) hips, 28″ (71 cm) thighs and a 55″ (140 cm) inseam. There is the possibility that we will offer a Smart Legging version that accommodates sizes larger than these measurements in the future.”

You may pre-order your LikeAGlove smart leggings for the early bird price of $49 (regularly $99). They will ship in the first quarter of 2016.

8 thoughts on “Smart leggings – because even leggings are better with Bluetooth”

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  2. It’s a brilliant idea, but would be even better if the leggings were in the dressing rooms of department stores and even small boutiques.
    A person would try the leggings on and the results would be sent via bluetooth to an app on a device used by a personal shopper.
    Then the app would search through the store’s inventory, including what sizes are sold out.
    The customer would choose the styles and colors from pictures on the device. Then the personal shopper would deliver the selections to the customer.
    I just don’t see myself buying this for either $49 or $99 if I need it just once.
    But something tied into the inventory at the store I’m in would be perfect.
    And I’d be much more likely to go back to a store that has such a product.
    AND, I can use my personal data to order online from the department store.
    The only places that need me to own this product are online stores.

    1. Yes, an online store could keep track of your size and credit you for the purchase of the leggings. That would also help with their ordering, since they would have a good read of what sizes their customers were.

    2. This is an excellent idea, because I was gonna say, who would really be buying pants so frequently that they need a special pair of leggings to tell them what size to buy? Makes much more sense to just have them at the place you buy pants.

    1. That’s where a collection of customer data comes in handy. If they have a large number of customers needing wider hip jeans, they will know to design and order them from their supplier.

      1. Exactly, John.

        This could become the biggest focus group in the history of retail.

        It also helps them tell which areas of the country need smaller or larger sizes.

  3. Traditional size women have a lot more options than those of us who are taller and bigger than the average female. It would be nice to have this available for those of us who don’t fit your curve. Please consider a tall and curvy pair for us plus size girls – who have such limited options already — to get the help we need in finding what fits.

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